Spoffin OFF 2021: no new application round

Dirtz Théâtre (FR) was one of the artists who made a big impression in the OFF programme of Spoffin 2019. Photo © Egbert van Thiel

Spoffin OFF is the showcase programme of Spoffin in Amersfoort, an international festival for street and location theatre with some 25 special acts from all over Europe. Because Spoffin was unable to continue in 2020 due to the corona crisis, we invited the artists selected for that year for 2021. By far the majority of the groups have already pledged. That is why we will not run a new application round in 2021 for the time being. The next application will start on 1 January 2022 and will last until 28 February 2022.

  January 1, 2021

 Spoffin OFF

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