Street arts knows no boundaries

HURyCAN (AR/FR) performing Te Odiero en Je te Haime at Spoffin 2014; now traveling all around the world. (Foto: Henry Krul)

Circus artists, professional street theater groups and other theatre makers and street artists in Europe perform as many times abroad as in their own country. A large number of these companies even play more often abroad than in their country of origin. Why and how do different countries encourage and support the mobility of the arts abroad? What makes the cost of transport? During the sixth edition of international street arts festival Spoffin in Amersfoort (NL) festival organizers from all over Europe will discuss the limits of the travel policy with government agencies from Catalonia, France, England and the Netherlands.

Spoffin - Friday 28 to Sunday, August 30th - organizes a series of meetings for professionals. This years program of Spoffin PRO includes a debate about the travel expenses of theatre. Spoffin did some research on the experiences of traveling companies and asked authorities why and how they encourage and support the travel of their national companies and artists. The surprising results of this small survey among companies that visited Spoffin recently showed that these artists perform as often abroad as domestically. By far the largest part of the group even performed more frequently abroad than in their own country.
A survey among other European theatre and circus performers showed a similar outcome. Artists from several countries indicate they perform 50 to 70 percent of their shows abroad. In summertime they travel throughout Europe and perform in almost all EU countries except in France, a country mentioned only once. Contrariwise French artists perform significantly more often in their own country. Catalan companies are the European champions of performing international. Probably due to to the financial malaise of Spanish festivals and thanks to the firm Catalan policy to bring Catalan art to the attention of Europe.

In addition to the debat on Saturday 29, Spoffin offers the annual Pitch or Plans on Sunday, August 30th. A lively and fast line-up of artists who get the opportunity to present fresh and new ideas for future shows in the streets of Europe.

  August 17, 2015

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