Spoffin Pro meeting 2014

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For accredited professionals from abroad and from Holland, Spoffin organizes a series of special meetings during the festival. Spoffin has a team of multilingual festival guides to assist the pro’s during their stay. All pro’s (both programmers and artists) can meet while they eat.

Saturday: Street theatre: moving audiences & static policy

11:00-13:00h. The development of education, meaning and message in outdoor arts. A conversation with facts, figures and philosophies on the position of outdoor arts in nowadays society, moderated by Joost Ramaer, freelance researching journalist on culture and economy (a.o. The Independent, NRC Handelsblad and De Groene Amsterdammer).

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Confirmed participants (many more to follow!)

# Name Festival/Organisation Country
1 Andreassen, Thorsten Stockholm Street Festival Sweden
2 Bahr, Kathrin La Strada Rotenburg Germany
3 Bourdereau, Laurent Conseil Général de l'Essonne France
4 Bruin, Adriaan Festival Reuring, Purmerend Netherlands
5 Castells Savall, Helena ICEC- Catalan Institut for the Cultural Companies Belgium
6 Celis, Jalina Theater op de Markt Belgium
7 Charlotte, Charles-Heep Festival de Chassepierre Belgium
8 de Keyser, Ben Sacred Places Belgium
9 de Vries, Casper La Strada Bremen Germany
10 Egberts, Henk Zwolle Unlimited / Kunsten op Straat Netherlands
11 Eijsink, Peter Festival op het Eiland Netherlands
12 Ghukasyan, Artur HIGH FEST International Performing Arts Festival Armenia
13 Hillier, Neil Durham County Council United Kingdom
14 Keymeulen, Kathleen Cirk! Aalst Belgium
15 Konijnenbelt, Alfred Festival Spoffin Netherlands
16 Korsakov, Sergey Cardboardia Russian Federation
17 Krul, Henry freelance street arts photographer Netherlands
18 Lafaurie, Denis Cratère Surfaces, Alès France
19 MacKechnie, Angus National Theatre, London United Kingdom
20 Masschelein, Lieven vzw Stella Rossa Belgium
21 Mutschlechner, Elisa Festival OLALA - Lienz Austria
22 Muukkonen, Kiki Subtopia Sweden
23 Nawin-Borgwald, Hartmut Int. Straßentheaterfestival Ludwigshafen / Büro für Freies Theater Germany
24 Nulens, Gert Theater op de Markt Belgium
25 Nys, Alexis Sorties de Rue - Algerie France
26 Osojnik, Goro Ana Monro Slovenia
27 Pacewicz, Karolina FETA - International Street and Open-Air Theatres Festival Poland
28 Paukštyte, Ada Public Institution "Other shores" Lithuania
29 Philippe, Macret Pôle National Cirque et Arts de la Rue France
30 Podpomogova, Yevgenya HIGH FEST International Performing Arts Festival Armenia
31 Sandoval, Adán Festival Pisteurs d'Etoiles France
32 Schmitz, Alain Bettembourg Luxembourg
33 Szumilowska, Marta FETA - International Street and Open-Air Theatres Festival Poland
34 Tamer, Khalid Awaln Art Marrakech Morocco
35 Twardowska, Aleksandra Feta Festival/freelancer Poland
36 van den Berg, Sylvia Fries StraatFestival Netherlands
37 Verhulst, Mariska Duizel in het Park Netherlands
38 Verkest, Celine MiramirO Belgium
39 Ward, Julie Member of European Parliament (Labour) United Kingdom
40 Wilson, Frank Event International Co Ltd United Kingdom

Sunday: Pitch of Plans

11:00-13:00h. Artists will get the opportunity to present plans for new work for next year and beyond in the Pitch of Plans for an audience of festival organizers from all over Europe.

In a maximum of 3 minutes artists can tell, beam, project, let us hear or show what the audiences can expect next year. After the Pitch we will organize a ‘meet while we eat’ with all artists and professionals. In this way artists can attract co-producers, residencies, early buyers or gigs.

Proposals for the Pitch of Plans are possible by sending a mail to Marjolein Pesch via pitch@spoffin.nl before the 30th of July. Please use this mail to explain what you want to present and how. We will present a maximum of 15 pitches and will try to present a wide range of different ideas.

Pitchers please register here and select the ‘I’m a pitcher’ field

Catering @ De Observant

De Observant

Lunch: daily 12:00-14:00h Dinner: daily 17:00-22:00h.

Don’t hesitate to contact Casper de Vries, Spoffin PRO coordinator, if you have any questions.