Matthias Romir [DE] Schwarz

This show is like good coffee: bitter, like life; black, like the future; yet somehow strangely enjoyable. ‘Schwarz’ brings together Matthias Romir’s hitherto most important acts as a black clown in a bitter-sweet study of a clown on the edge.

In the hands of the strange character on roller skates, the helium balloon’s airy effortlessness takes on a grotesque note. Out of the playful struggle with the pitfalls of possession, a simultaneously touching and hilarious story about the uncompromising love for a married woman soon develops. The art of failure is brought to its logical conclusion. Expressive juggling meets depressive clowning and naive mask play.

Schwarz’ is a mishmash of strange ideas and a pledge of strong feelings; it’s a show that gets under your skin. But above all, it’s dead funny.

 Matthias Romir

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Discipline: black comedy
Duration: 35 minuten
Language: EN/NL/DE
Age: 12

Day Time Venue Submission Put in agenda
Sat 27 Aug 2022 21.00-21.35 € 0,00 - BUY NOW iCal Outlook / iCal
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Sun 28 Aug 2022 14.30-15.05 € 0,00 - BUY NOW iCal Outlook / iCal
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Sun 28 Aug 2022 16.30-17.05 € 0,00 - BUY NOW iCal Outlook / iCal
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