Theatergroep Troubamour [NL] Groundless

In the distance, three people appear. They are here for the very first time and go on an investigation. What is their place? Where are the others and who are they together? All three of them try hard to define their own space, a place where they can be themselves. Slowly, the place changes to territory, where every individual makes it’s own, harsh choices.

'Groundless' is fysical streettheater about boundaries, limitlessness and the loginging to boundaries. About changing yourself for someone else, and therefore losing bits and pieces of yourself. The main question is: what remains of yourself, of a group, or even a country, when all limits fade?

 Theatergroep Troubamour

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Discipline: physical street theatre
Duration: 25 minuten
Language: -
Age: ALL

Day Time Venue Submission Put in agenda
Sat 24 Aug 2019 16.15-16.40 Pay what you can afford iCal Outlook / iCal
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Sat 24 Aug 2019 21.30-21.55 Pay what you can afford iCal Outlook / iCal
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