Moritz Award for best street art premiere at the Fira Tàrrega 2017

After “Tu Vas Tomber” (Awarded best dance show at the Feria Internacional de Huesca 2015, and Imaginarius Festival award 2016), Cia Moveo continues to blur the line between the performer and the spectator and to explore the boundaries between reality and fiction.

CONSEQÜÈNCIES, the new creation of Cia Moveo, is a show for all audiences that explores through movement the relations between these two notions in our everyday life and the accelerated time in which we live.

CONSEQÜÈNCIES is an ironic and joyful work on the possibility of being out of step, being late, being wide off the mark, and on the resulting consequences.

For a moment I stopped to listen, to watch, and the world around me kept on going. How can I get in touch with what I lost during these moments?
No matter how much I accelerate, I keep arriving late, as if a strange force was conspiring against me and pushing me out of the time of the others.
And you? What are you looking at?

 Cia Moveo

(2 reviews)

SPOFFIN 2018   Newbies
Duration: 35 minuten
Language: -
Age: 6+

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Day Time Venue Submission Put in agenda
vri 24 aug 2018 22.00-22.35 Pay what you can afford iCal Outlook / iCal
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zat 25 aug 2018 22.00-22.35 Pay what you can afford iCal Outlook / iCal
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Michelle – 25-08-2018 09:35

Wat een fijne voorstelling! Mooi & grappig & intens. De regen maakte het nog extra speciaal - prachtig plaatje.

Sier – 25-08-2018 07:49

Energiek, intens,mooi, grappig.

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