Asterions Hus [DK] My Odyssey

An Odyssey through Europe, a story and a dance about Europe in transition. Based on the experiences from a pan-European theatre project that involved artists and performers from several European countries, who travelled from St Petersburg to Lesbos, meeting the Europeans on an artistic journey in search of many recognitions – among other things community and the European soul. ​

This is Tilde Knudsen’s personal testimony from this trip. Her interpretation of the people and the events she experienced through this journey. A tale about the European motion, the personal interpretation of the current events in Europe, a continent that is undergoing major changes. The meeting between North and South, them and us. Hope and change. Crisis and confusion. Love and expectations. ​

Through ‘My Odyssey’ Tilde Knudsen also performs the famous epic poem, the Odyssey, attributed to the great Greek writer Homer. Tildes story and Homers story are woven together in a magic pattern. ‘My Odyssey’ is a physical performance. A simple and very intense performance – with few theatrical tools and great intensity.​ A solo performance created by and featuring Tilde Knudsen.

 Asterions Hus
 My Odessey

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SPOFFIN 2018   Nordic Street
Duration: 60 minuten
Language: EN
Age: 16+

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vri 24 aug 2018 21.00-22.00 Pay what you can afford iCal Outlook / iCal
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zat 25 aug 2018 21.00-22.00 Pay what you can afford iCal Outlook / iCal
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Gideon – 26-08-2018 11:18

Bij de les blijven want deze improviserende fysieke vertelster schakelt zo veel dat de rode draad van het toch al complexe verhaal van Odyssey je af en ontglipt.

Carla van Petersen – 25-08-2018 00:26

Prachtig verhalend vertellend, vol beweging en expressie. Knap om zo snel te kunnen schakelen tussen personages, verhaallijn en publiek. Absoluut een aanrader

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