MAN || CO [NL] The winner takes it all

She’s exciting. She’s intoxicating. She’s erotising. In The winner takes it all, power is given a face, a body, a voice. She comes up close, flirts with you, and then disappears again for just a moment. She moves energetically, dominantly and calculatingly; she shifts, quick, cunning and unpredictable. Until there’s no escaping it. Power is enslaving. Power makes blind.

MAN || CO looks for the embodiment of power in this dynamic dance performance. How does a powerful figure move? An investigation into the body language of so-called winners, non-verbal communication and manipulation. All with the leading question: ‘How does power manifest itself in the human body?‘

Last year MAN || CO performed When we cried confetti, awarded during the Café Theater Festival in Utrecht.

 MAN || CO

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SPOFFIN 2018   Brain teaser
Duration: 30 minuten
Language: -
Age: 8+

Day Time Venue Submission Put in agenda
zon 26 aug 2018 16.30-17.00 Pay what you can afford iCal Outlook / iCal
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zon 26 aug 2018 17.45-18.15 Pay what you can afford iCal Outlook / iCal
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Gideon – 28-08-2018 10:19

prachtige voorstelling dames, wat mij betreft een van de hoogtepunten van Spoffin

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