Spoffin in documentary about Amersfoort in the pandemic

This year has been different from what we envisioned when it started. No festivals, barely any theater shows and staying home a lot. Menno Wiegeraad from maX Music wondered how citizens from Amersfoort are dealing with this crisis.

He made a series of documentaries for Archief Eemland on this subject. In part five, he's zooming in on the cultural environment and sports in Amersfoort during the COVID-19 break out. Spoffin is also interviewed. What was it like for us as an organisation to realise the festival is not going to happen this year? How did we break the news to the artists we had already booked? And what was it like for the artists to hear another festival is not happening?

Menno is asking these and more questions to our festival director Alfred Konijnenbelt. You can watch the documentary on the website of Archief Eemland. You can find the link at the bottom of this page. The documentary is in Dutch and unfortunately there are no subtitles available.

  November 12, 2020

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 maX Music

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