Amersfoorts Theater Terras and Spoffin cancelled

The Strong Lady at Spoffin 2019. Picture: Vraag Anthea

The performances of Amersfoorts Theater Terras and Festival Spoffin will not take place this summer. This is the result of the ban that the Dutch government has issued for all events until the first of September, 2020. Although we regret the cancellation, the safety for our visitors, volunteers and artists in the context of public health is by far the most important.

Canceling all summer activities is a loss for the city and for all its visitors, but even more so for all the programmed acts and artists. Their main source of income is almost completely lost, which means that a difficult period is beginning for them.

It was the most frequently asked question in recent weeks; will you continue? The program was ready for both Amersfoorts Theater Terras and Spoffin and artists were booked. We would have liked to surprise our visitors again with the most beautiful outdoor theater performances, but there are now other priorities. We are currently examining whether it is feasible to move the programs of Amersfoorts Theater Terras and Spoffin booked for this year to 2021. We are also considering possibilities within the existing measures to compensate somewhat for the loss of so many beautiful things.

We are now aiming for 2021. Amersfoorts Theater Terras will take place on Saturdays the 3th, 17th and 31th of July and the 14th of August 2021, and the Spoffin festival from Friday the 27th to Sunday the 29th of August 2021.

We wish everyone the best and hope to welcome you back in good health.

Board, management, employees and volunteers of Amersfoorts Theater Terras and Spoffin.

  April 22, 2020

 Amersfoorts Theater Terras

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