Monumentalise: Build your own artwork

Monumentalise rebuilds existing but also new monumental objects in Amersfoort

How do you build a monument? Or a temporary work of art in the Hof? Monumentalise shows you and lets you try yourself.

Tal Alperstein and Julia Turbahn looked at monuments in Amersfoort during Spoffin LAB, the residency held in the run-up to Spoffin. With their project monumentalise, the two rebuild monuments with human bodies all over the world.
Alperstein and Turbahn work with local volunteers to create monumentalism. Wilma Verbeek saw their call to join in Amersfoort. ”The project spoke directly to me," Verbeek says. "It's great fun to be part of a residency and to work with artists. During Spoffin, we invite people to be part of the project. There is an ‘Ikea manual’ - How to build a monument.”

Alperstein and Turbahn are provided with polaroid cameras to instantly capture all the buildings created for their monumentalise website, where they collect photos of all the projects and spontaneous builds.

Baadster and Torser
Alperstein and Turbahn have been through the entire city. From the Belgenmonument t to the Baadster en de Torser on the Varkensmarkt. Never heard of these statues? You're definitely not the only one. Alperstein and Turbahn help Amersfoorters see their own city with new eyes. The story of the Amersfoort Kei (boulder) is very interesting to the duo too – they draw a strong paralel to their own project. "This boulder was dragged through the city and stood in several places. What we create is moving too, like traveling monuments.”

Remember and commemorate
Verbeek: "It's all about remembering and commemorating and how to do that." Monuments were erected to be seen and often become completely invisible, blending into the everyday street scene. Monumentalise brings change.

  August 14, 2017

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