Spoffin: performances with an urgency

Cie Vendaval with Carmela Acuyo works on an English version of Soif during Spoffin LAB.

Sophisticated dancers and fierce footballers, together in one show. A woman, 24 hours in silence on a square, claiming public space for the community. A Catalan matador who faces 'el torro', a dancer who found the courage to dive into the horror of concentration camps.

Over 30 professional theatre makers from all over Europe come to Spoffin this week. To entertain, to move and to make you think.
Spoffin, the international festival for professional outdoor theater held in Amersfoort from 24 to 27 August, brings street and location theatre of the highest quality. This year the focus is on Catalonia and the Balearic Islands.

Sport and art are usually two separate worlds but in the opening show La Partida by Cia. Vero Cendoya (CAT), dance and football create a stunning fusion.
Dance, football and also literature: Soif by Cie Vendaval (FR) is based on testimonies from concentration camps survivors. Carmela Acuyo, a highly regarded dancer and actress in her own country, has been feeling the need to make this piece for 15 years. She felt she lacked the courage. And necessity. "Then I looked at the world, to history and I was afraid. Really afraid. Where is progress?" In Soif, text and theatre fuse with dance: giving the body the opportunity to express the impossible.

Carmela Acuyo comes to Spoffin to make the English version of Soif. As one of the few outdoor theater festivals in the Netherlands, Spoffin offers residences for artists, to wants contribute to the creation of high-quality, new productions for public spaces. Many foreign programmers have already shown interest in Soif. This year, Spoffin welcomes around 50 professionals from all over Europe.

Catalonia and the Balearic Islands
Extra attention this year is for the autonomous Spanish regions of Catalonia and the Balearic Islands. Konijnenbelt: "At festivals in Catalonia I discover every year the most beautiful performances. Productions that are distinguished by a beautiful balance of emotion and mind. They are strong conceptually with the ability to touch your heart. In collaboration with institutes like Ramon Llull and Catalan Arts we present eight performances from this region, almost all of them Dutch premiers. '

With Públic Present 24 hores , Ada Vilaró gives herself to the elements, the audience and the events that occur in 24 hours. She takes her seat in the historic city centre with nothing but crayons and chalkboards surrounding her. The interactions with bystanders that this produces is unprecedented. "The public space is there for everyone," says Vilaró and she claims that space for society. Vilaró: 'The essence? We are the same, despite all of our differences. I want to awaken that feeling, create that experience. "

Animal nature
Animal Religion (CAT) conquers the world with an extravagant fusion of contemporary circus, dance and music. The company is inspired by the specialness of animality. During Spoffin, they bring Tauromàquina, a safe variant to traditional bullfighting, an intriguing duel between man and machine.

Spoffin grows: fewer performances, more quality and special productions for both large and sometimes very small audiences.

  August 21, 2017

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