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Compañia de circo eia (CAT). Foto: Ben Hopper

The international festival for professional outdoor theatre Spoffin, which is held in Amersfoort from 24 till 27 August, presents about 30 theatre groups from all over Europe. The programme can be found on the new and improved website!

During this eighth edition the festival has a special focus on Catalonia with a number of top performances from this autonomous Spanish region around Barcelona. Catalan productions are often distinguished by a beautiful balance between emotion and ratio: they are conceptually strong and also touch your heart. Spoffin again opens with the Amuses in theatre Flint. Famous Dutch theatre maker Jörgen Raymann, also the new director of Amersfoort's South American festival Dias Latinos, presents this festive evening.

Opening: Contemporary dance with football
The opening show is La Partida by Cia. Vero Cendoya. A special combination of contemporary dance and football. Spectacular is Animal Religions Tauromàquina, based on the tradition of bullfighting. There are circus performances by Circ Bover and Compañia Hotel iocandi, which stand out because they are not fast-paced, but pleasantly atmospheric and slack. Compañia de circo "eia, on the other hand, is quite spectacular, with top level acrobatics. Of course there is also dance from Catalonia on the Spoffin programme, for example by Aina & Arias: a humorous piece based on hip hop and garagerock.

Warme Winkel and Pile-and-Face
From the Netherlands, Spoffin presents the new performance Indiaan by De Hotshop - cooler than De Warme Winkel. This popular company is known for their theatrical experiments. Pile-en-Face, a young international circus group from Rotterdam, connects circus with theatre and dance and presents their first performance. Cie Vendaval from France will work for a week during Spoffin LAB on the English version of their show Soif, based on testimonials of concentration camp survivors. Tal Alperstein and Julia Turbahn will work for two weeks in Amersfoort during Spoffin LAB on a performative guided tour through the medieval city center. Residents can sign up to participate.

Young and impetuous talent with ambition
Spoffin OFF pays special attention to young and upcoming artists who want to break through in the field of international outdoor theatre. Like Abdelhadi Baaddi, who made a wonderful solo performance about the trip he made with his Moroccan father. The public travels with the two of them, in a van with final destination Tangier. MAN || CO is a young female dance collective that creates infectious dance theatre.

Spoffin PRO
For accredited professionals from home and abroad, Spoffin organises a series of special meetings during the festival. Spoffin has a team of multilingual festival guides to assist the pro’s during their stay. All pro’s (both programmers and artists) can meet while they eat and attent the annual debat and pitch of plans.

  July 1, 2017

 Festival Spoffin

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