Spoffin 2015: Urban, quickly and at the same time abstract and still

Burnt Out Punks from Sweden (Foto Wim Lanser)

The sixth edition of Spoffin, the international festival for street- and location theatre in Amersfoort [NL], started and ended with lot’s of fire. Spoffin openend with the Dutch premiere of The Stockholm Syndrome by the Swedish Burnt Out Punks on Friday and closed with a massive fireball on Sunday, a spectacular end of the concert by the Amersfoort Youth Orchestra.

One of the highlights during Spoffin 2015: Arch8 [NL] with Murikamification: dance and parkour right through the medieval city center. Artistic director Alfred Konijnenbelt of Spoffin: "Arch8 represents what we want with Spoffin. This is the kind of street theatre which really levels up this genre. Contemporary, urban, fast and at the same time still and abstract. The same goes for Fullstop Acrobatics Theatre from Belgium: a company that found a nice way to elevate circus above the level of ‘tricks’, touching the audience by telling a personal story and for Joan Català, who presented Pelat, a performance greatly appreciated with a major rol for mutual trust between audience and artist.’
Les Mobilettes en Walkwoman from France showed the city of Amersfoort how to throw a danceparty during this sunny edition of Spoffin. Children had great fun with the British Pangottic and the Dutch youth theatre company Koeterwaals.

Programmers and other theatre professionals from across Europe visited Amersfoort and enjoyed Spoffin PRO. Several companies that performed during Spoffin this year are already asked to travel to other festivals abroad next year.

  August 30, 2015

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