Online application for Spoffin OFF 2021

Fully complete and submit this application form before Sunday, February 28 2021 23:59:59 (CET).

Please use the tabs to find all the questions. Questions marked with a * (asterix) are mandatory. Be prepared before you submit your application. You will need the following information:

  • Contact: artist/group, contact name, street address, postcode, city, country, email address, website/blog/facebook, phone number and/or mobile number
  • Artistic: title, genre, synopsis, target group, use of language? Why is your performance suitable for Spoffin OFF? How does it relate to the artistic criteria of Festival Spoffin (originality, expressiveness, professionalism?). How does it interact with public space and the audience?
  • Technique: everything we need to know to present your performance under optimal circumstances
  • Publicity: possibly 2 links to a video of the proposed work or recent work
  • Submit: do not forget to click this button, after you have double-checked all entries!

Your contact details

Artistic information about the proposed performance

Your motivation to apply for Spoffin OFF

Why is your performance exceptionally suitable to take part in Spoffin OFF 2021? How does the performance relate to our artistical criteria: originality, expressiveness and professionalism? Does the work interact with public space and the audience? Is the production plug-and-play (self-supporting), can it easily travel and does it use little or no text?

Technical information about the proposed performance

Please keep in mind that we have a strong preference for self-supporting productions and are not able to host shows that require a lot of production capacity in the OFF programme.

Information about your travel plan and accomodation needs

Photos of the proposed performance

Please upload at least 1, maximum 3, good quality photos of the proposed performance in high resolution. You can drag the image files to the rectangle below, or click on the rectangle and then select the photos with the help of your file browser.

Videos of the proposed performance

Please enter below here a least one, possibly two links to online video(s) that shows the proposed show or other recent work

Double-check and submit

Please re-check all your entries before submitting the application! If crucial information for our decision making is missing, we might not take your application into account.