• Stalker Teatro

    Spoffin OFF 2016: Stalker Teatro [IT] - © Maura Dessì

  • Mimbre

    Spoffin OFF 2016: Mimbre [GB] - © Eric Richmond & Jamie Currey

  • Les Frères Troubouch

    Spoffin OFF 2016: Les Frères Troubouch [BE] - © jymphotographie

  • Laura Groeneveld

    Spoffin OFF 2016: Laura Groeneveld [NL] - © Laura Groeneveld

  • Héctor Plaza & Agnes Sales

    Spoffin OFF 2016: Héctor Plaza & Agnes Sales [CAT/ES] - ©

  • Goma

    Spoffin OFF 2016: Goma [AR] - © Stefano Chiolo

  • Cão à Chuva

    Spoffin OFF 2016: Cão à Chuva [PT] - © Ana Flores (d'Orfeu AC)

  • Diego Sinniger de Salas

    Spoffin OFF 2016: Diego Sinniger de Salas [CAT/ES] - © Joan Callis

  • Shakti Olaizola

    Spoffin OFF 2016: Shakti Olaizola [ES] - © Barbara Govan

  • Lucio Baglivo

    Spoffin OFF 2016: Lucio Baglivo [AR/ES] - © Barbara Crosetti

  • TENT circustheater producties

    Spoffin OFF 2016: TENT circustheater producties [NL] - © Hanneke Kijkt

  • Zirkus Morsa

    Spoffin OFF 2016: Zirkus Morsa [FR] - © Hugo Estrela


    Spoffin OFF 2016: HURyCAN [FR/AR] - © Miguel J. Berrocal

  • Theatergroep Troubamour

    Spoffin OFF 2016: Theatergroep Troubamour [NL] - © Rogier Boogaard

  • Sur Mesure

    Spoffin OFF 2016: Sur Mesure [BE] - © Kris Hellemans

  • Directie & Co

    Spoffin OFF 2016: Directie & Co [NL] - © Directie & Co

  • Little Warrior

    Spoffin OFF 2016: Little Warrior [NL/AU] - © Little Warrior

  • Achref Adhadhi

    Spoffin OFF 2016: Achref Adhadhi [TN/NL] - © Hussein Hamid

Information about Spoffin OFF 2017

Spoffin OFF is the showcase part of the Spoffin Festival in Amersfoort (The Netherlands), an annual street arts festival with more than 30 performing acts from all over Europe, with a special focus on innovations from the northern, central and eastern regions.

In 2017 Spoffin takes place from Friday evening, August 25th through Sunday afternoon, August 27th. On Thursday evening, August 24 there is the opening event Spoffin Amuses, where 10-15 artists present a short excerpt of their performance.

Spoffin Festival consists of five parts:

  1. Spoffin IN: innovative outdoor and site-specific performances of professional artists (on invitation only)
  2. Spoffin OFF: showcase of new work and up-coming professional artists (selected after application)
  3. Spoffin PRO: international meeting of promoters, festival programmers, agencies, journalists and other professionals in the field of arts in public space (on invitation only)
  4. Spoffin LAB: a residency project supporting young theatre artists who are in the process of finishing a new project created for public space (streets, squares, parks, etc.). Selection after applicaton.
  5. Spoffin Amuses: opening event of the festival, where 10-15 artists present a short excerpt of their performance.

Both the Spoffin IN and OFF performances are programmed on squares, streets, parks and some specific sites in the mediaeval city centre of Amersfoort. The festival facilitates interaction and possibility for meetings amongst performers and professionals both informal and organized.

Spoffin OFF artists have been booked during or after the festival by numerous festivals throughout Europe. Click here for a list of all professionals who attended Spoffin PRO 2016.

Application deadline and selection criteria

You can apply to participate in the Spoffin OFF program from January 1 until February 28, 2017. A committee consisting of three festival programmers under supervision of artistic director Alfred Konijnenbelt will thoroughly study all the applications and make the selection. Final decisions will be made in March 2017 and are formalized in a contract.

Spoffin will do its outmost to organize an exceptionally good OFF program, as a consequence the quality level of the selection is high. Please note that only a limited number (15-20) of artists/groups can participate in the Spoffin OFF program, due to limitations in space, time, production capacity and budget. The first selection will be mainly based upon artistical criteria: originality, expressiveness, professionalism and whether the work interacts with public space and the audience. Furthermore we have a strong preference for productions that are plug-and-play (self-supporting), can easily travel and use little or no text. Practical criteria like group size and travel costs can further influence the final selection.

Spoffin OFFers:

  • Outdoors performance venue (meeting your technical needs)
  • High profile publicity in print, online and elsewhere
  • Quality meetings with theatre professionals (Spoffin PRO) and other artists.
  • Good hotel accommodation
  • Delicious meals
  • Nice ambience
  • Reasonable compensation for travel costs
  • All the money raised ‘on the hat’ belongs to the artist!

You OFFer Spoffin:

  • Your time and effort to showcase an exceptional good performance at Spoffin!
  • Everything you need to perform (including all light and sound equipment, rigging, etc.), apart from the venue and the power

Application for 2017 will open on January 1, 2017