Avanti Display [UK] Full Circle

During 2017 and with the support from Arts Council England Avanti Display has developed a new show Full Circle

On the face of it Full Circle is a simple lo tech street theatre performance. However beneath this simplicity is a piece that plays with audience behavior and the complicity between audience and performer.

With the help of the audience we construct a four metre high, tower of metal buckets. The tower contains 120 buckets and will have a volunteer, selected from the audience walled up inside as part of this process.
The volunteers for this role will be performers from the host festival or city who will be rehearsed and trained by the company before the performance. They will be given instruction in the safety and structure of the piece. It will not be obvious to the audience that the volunteers have any prior knowledge of their involvement. They will apparently have been chosen at random from among the audience.

The tower has been completed with the help (complicity) of the audience therefore when cords are attached to the base of the tower and passed to four members of the circle of spectators giving them the power to collapse the tower.

Now the audience is encouraged to sing in a peaceful way (humming / chanting) to indicate a state of peace and calm. The singing then develops to a more heightened state of almost hysteria akin to a drinking chant to a point where the four are encouraged to pull the ropes and collapse the tower.

The four audience members have to decide what to do, pull the rope and collapse the tower?

The final decision ‘pull or not’ is in their hands.

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SPOFFIN 2018  
Duration: 40 minutes
Language: -
Age: AL

 Avanti Display

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