Arnhemse Meisjes [NL] Ter Plekke Overal

In 2017 we created the site-specific performance ''This is not a symbolic piece''. This year (May 2018) we will create a new site-specific performance, based and inspired on the same principles of ''This is not a symbolic piece''. We would like to apply with this new creation.

Synopsis new creation:
We use dance as a form to manifest things that we find essential to contribute with.
One of the essential things we are interested in is ”connection”.
Nowadays everything happens really fast. Elements in society are changing in an ungraspable speed; too fast for humans to be able to catch up with, in a calm and harmonious way. Technology is in constant evolution. All these fast changes around us makes us sometimes lose the sense about the harm this is causing to our planet and to our human relationships.
This is affecting the way we look at and talk to each other, the time we spend together and how we spend it, the way we take time for things and how we tend to shorten life processes. Eventually, it is affecting the way we connect with other people, our surroundings and ourselves.
We are a collective formed by five women that have developed a strong group dynamic. We use our individual qualities to serve the group needs. In creating we bring these five different perspectives together and there is one thing we all want: to bring dance close to people.
We thought the best way to do this is by making site-specific performances where dance, people, nature and urban spaces can mingle and be entangled with each other and can become one experience.
First of all, we like to transform the location where we dance, into a new scenery for the audience. We have come with an element that we find very symbolic and as well very practical for this; a blue, recognizable rope of thirty meters long. With this rope we frame the space and guide the audience to move through it. The rope can help them to focus their attention and to guide them through different passages, like a rollercoaster of moving images. This allows us to bring the audience close or far from each other, from us and from the space and to include them in the performance.
The movement quality we use defines itself as soft and strong, very grounded and playful physicality. The use of the public space, like the walls, trees, benches etc, inspires our movements. In this way we also use each other's bodies in the form of partner work. Our organic and fluent physicality creates a contrast with the urban, rough (concrete) location.

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SPOFFIN 2018  
Duration: 30 minutes
Language: EN/NL
Age: AL

 Arnhemse Meisjes - New Seeds

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