Online application for Spoffin LAB 2018

Fully complete and submit this application form before Wednesday, January 31 2018 23:59:59 (CET).

Please use the tabs to find all the questions. Questions marked with a * (asterix) are mandatory. Be prepared before you submit your application. You will need the following information:

  • Contact details: artist/group, contact name, street address, postcode, city, country, email address, website/blog/facebook, phone number and/or mobile number
  • Motivation: why is your plan in need for a residency? How does it relate to the artistic criteria of Festival Spoffin (originality, expressiveness, professionalism?). How does it interact with public space and the audience?
  • Artistic details: title, genre, synopsis, target group, use of language?
  • Media: possibly 2 links to a video of the proposed work or recent work

Why is your plan in need for a residency? How does the performance relate to our artistical criteria: originality, expressiveness, professionalism? How does your work interact with the audience or public space?


Please re-check all your entries before submitting the application! If crucial information for our decision making is missing, we might not take your application into account.